Representation of Foreign Nationals

representation of foreign nationals Laniado Law PL is the premier boutique for international clients seeking to relocate to the United States and to have forceful representation while in the United States.

Moving to the United States requires diligent preparation and a strong long-term vision. Laniado Law PL provides a unique service in that the firm views the representation of the international client as a whole and provides services in all legal aspects of the relocation. The philosophy of the Firm is based on the notion that re-establishing one’s life in a foreign country demands education and careful attention to every detail of the move so that the client is prepared to the best extent possible before arriving on U.S. soil. The Firm handles each case as a distinct holistic project which it oversees and strategically implements to ensure a smooth, safe and informed transition for its clients, families and businesses.

The Firm oversees the entire immigration process in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of the pre-immigration tax planning needs of its clients, while also assisting its clients in setting up their new business activities and offices. The Firm also services its international clients by providing them with advice on corporate structures, business plans, commercial and residential leases, as well as advice on other ancillary matters including accounting, business licenses, tax issues, banking, health insurance, credit building and schooling amongst others.

Anna Laniado’s foreign clients often continue to retain her as a trusted advisor in many of their affairs both local and international because of her in depth experience in litigation and her broad understanding of complex legal issues. Anna Laniado is able to provide a wide array of support to her foreign clientele well after they have settled in the United States.

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