About Us

Why Laniado Law, P.A.?


The Firm’s uniqueness lies in its belief that legal representation is to be meticulously tailored to each client with particularity. Direct and personalized attention is the Firm’s primary objective and the Firm prides itself on the very hands-on approach it offers its clientele. The Firm therefore opts for high quality representation and low volume intake so it can cater to its clients’ needs at a very high level of detail. This goal is further achieved by Attorney Anna Laniado’s distinct affinity with individuals from all walks of life and cultures, her deep understanding of their struggles and fears, and her ability to speak the client’s native language in many cases.



 The Firm’s mission is to provide solutions that maximize each client’s position when the client is faced with life-changing decisions. As such, each case is considered as a project requiring a holistic approach, yet each part of the case is handled specifically and within the broader context in which it belongs, so that the end result is a tenacious and efficient protection of the client’s rights and needs.




Attorney Anna Laniado acts as a personal and trusted advisor to her clients and while clients often start with one particular set of issues when first employing the Firm, they often retain Anna Laniado as a counselor to supervise many of their affairs both in the United States and Internationally. She has direct and continuing contact with her clients and is unequivocally trustworthy. Anna Laniado’s extensive network of lawyers, investigators and other professionals worldwide allow her to provide a broad array of services, but without the inconvenience of the client needing to deal with the multitude of professionals themselves. The true value of Attorney Anna Laniado’s breadth of services lies in the fact that she is the voice of the Firm – more often than not conversing in the client’s own language.


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